October 19, 2016

Tempahan spagheti chicken olio

Last saturday, 1st time I did climb bukit melati dkt desa melati,nilai. (Dokek yo). .it is 3.96km trail,and mendukung ahmad wp berselang seli dgn husband is really not helping. U used all ur body part.. leg,upper body and even brain.
Naik,landai,about 70 degree climb hill with 100m+- distance with 7.5kg baby on your arm.

Ada 2 peak kene go thru. The 2nd peak,I almost give up. Think about turn back but...i already make it to the end. My heart beat fast and ahmad already asleep...(perghh mcm dia yg tdo)..slowly i make it..reach the end.and the kids was so happy cause janji pada dia org tertunai..
So muhasabah diri...
This is what our life be...
U have gone thru so many obstacles. And there were mistakes on your path. It shows that u r human. It is ok to make a mistakes rather than repeating the same mistakes.

So i choose to face the future. I choose to continue my perjuangan yg belum selesai.

Being in positive surrounding.

(Ha amik kau..baru bukit melati..kalau kinabalu mau aku beli 3helai page newspaper buat karangan)

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